Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Vacation Time!!

The semester is finally over and it is time for a long, extended vacation. We don't start our next semester until March 9th, so I'd say that is a pretty great break! Not a whole lot has happened over the last several weeks, but the most exciting thing is the temperature has shot back up and today I was in short sleeves and was still hot. I love the weather in this city. I don't know if it will stay like this but from what I have heard this is very unusual weather. for this time of year.

Today Dee, Anne, Anne's husband Mike, and I visited the People's Park in the city. It was so much fun and incredibly huge. We canoed, visited a fort, and I got to play in a bubble on the water. There are pictures on my pic site where you can see exactly what the bubble is, but you get in this giant air bubble and then walk on water (or rather fall on your tush several times while attempting to walk). It was a great workout but very difficult to maintain balance. After I got back from the park we had a staff meeting where the Chinese staff gave us our New Years gifts (a 10 kg. bag of rice and 5 liters of cooking oil). Being that I don't use oil nor do I particularly care for rice I thought it was quite humorous. Luckily there are lots of people on campus who would appreciate these gifts so I will have no trouble giving it away.

Please remember my family this week in your prayers. My parents are scheduled to come in 2 days but my grandmother has recently been hospitalized and it doesn't look good right now. She has been unconscious for several days and the doctors are unsure of what else they can do for her. My dad is really struggling with whether to come or stay and have me come home. I just ask that you pray for his wisdom and comfort as his makes his decision. Also pray for our family as we are probably preparing to say goodbye to my grandmother in this life. I was praying with my mom about this situation last night and was just reminded of how much God has blessed my family with 4 amazing grandparents who have loved and supported me through my life. I am anxious to see my family whether it be here or there and as much as I would love to come home, I must leave it in God's hands and take comfort that whatever decision is made will be for the best.

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