Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Answered Prayers

Yay! I finally heard from the orphanage yesterday and I begin my volunteer work next Friday. They want me to volunteer every Friday afternoon and all day on Saturdays. I am really thankful that all this has worked out and am ready to begin spending time with the children. I am also hoping I will have the opportunity at some point to sit down with the director and ask her questions about orphanage administration, since opening and running an orphanage is something I would love to do someday.
On Friday night, Dee and I went to a contemporary service at church and were asked to speak about Thanksgiving. Dee talked about the origins of Thanksgiving and I shared with them about what most families do today to celebrate. We also shared with them the one thing we were most thankful for this year. Later in the evening, we divided up into small groups and each person shared why they were thankful. It was so amazing to hear some of the stories and to hear them talk about how their faith in God has increased because of situations they have faced. The most touching story was from a girl who was about my age. She had lived for a long time in an old basement apartment with few windows and no electricity. She found it very difficult to find time to read her bible because she worked long hours during the day and when she got home, it was too dark to see. She began praying that God would move her to a different location, and a few months ago her prayer was answered. She has recently moved into a new apartment with both windows and electricity. She is now most thankful to God for the opportunity to read her bible whenever she wants. That was just one of many, many stories I heard about how God has made necessary provisions for his children over the past year. It showed me once again how God truly does tend to his sheep!
On Sunday afternoon, Anne (another teacher) and I traveled to the fabric market where she helped me pick out cute fabric for some new winter clothes which we then took to the tailor. I found really beautiful coats and dresses from Bloomingdale's, Lord and Taylor, and Nordstrom websites and the tailor assured me that she could make the exact clothes. I could seriously get used to this!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you, thank you to everyone who sent me holiday greetings!!

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